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For Dock Cleaning services,

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Is your dock clean?
An extensive cleaning of your dock is not only vital for dock maintenance and upkeep, but also for ensuring your pest control applications are most effective. By destroying the habitat the spiders and other critters have created over time, it is far easier to keep them away. Kwik Kar cleans your dock to ensure your pest-inhabited areas are clean and free of webs, debris, and general buildup. A clean dock also means your boat will stay cleaner longer.

Kwik Kar Dock Cleaning includes, but is not limited to:

  • Roof support beams​

  • Dock support pole

  • Concrete dock tile

  • Interior of slips (exposed bracing and rubber bump rail around edge of slip)

  • Dock ramp

  • Dock boxes

  • Lift boxes

Note: Bottom of roof can be cleaned upon request; Kwik Kar is NOT responsible for any resulting removal of roof finish.

A la carte services:
All structures built onto the dock, (bar area, dock
house, refrigerator, etc.) as well as any other requests, will be billed at $50 per man hour. A la carte services are in addition to our square footage dock pricing and service call.

Dock Cleaning is priced according to the square footage of the dock. Square footage is calculated from the floor tiles of the dock only. Our price is $0.40 per square foot plus a $75 service call. Generally, a two-well dock with 30’ slips and a swim platform, INCLUDING the dock ramp, is approximately $500. A single-well dock with swim platform, INCLUDING the dock ramp, is approximately $350.

Note: Boats will get dirty during the dock cleaning process. Boat cleaning is NOT included in the dock cleaning process/pricing.

The Process:
1. Kwik Kar cleans your dock.
2. You schedule your pest control service.
3. You schedule Kwik Kar to clean your boat(s)
& PWC(s).
4. You enjoy clean boats and a dock free of
dirt & debris.


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