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At eighteen years of age, friends Mike Burbank and Nick DeSimone set off in different directions, but both knew they wanted to be business owners one day. Following college Nick began his career in Jefferson City and Mike moved to St. Louis. Nick started working in the banking industry while putting himself through college. After graduating he chose to remain in banking because he enjoyed helping business owners and entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams.

Tugging at the back of Nick’s mind was a personal aspiration to own a business. Destiny kept the two connected as Nick wed Mike’s sister. Mike went to work for a private equity firm. This career gave him the opportunity to spend his days talking to various business owners across the U.S. and acquiring privately held companies for his employer. Likewise, this work experience kept the desire to be a business owner in front of Mike.

In 2005, Mike moved back to Jefferson City and joined Dick Otke Construction Company’s real estate development firm. He began traveling the Midwest developing, building, and selling Kwik Kar facilities as turn-key businesses. Quite quickly Mike’s interest in the car wash product they were developing and selling grew into a personal interest for Nick and him. They also recognized a need for this type of business in Jefferson City.

The plan evolved as Mike and Nick discussed ways to bring the needed car wash services to the central Missouri market. Understanding that quick, easy, and consistently professional services are what the consumer desires, they decided to bring their long awaited plan to be business owners to fruition. Mike would focus on the financial and marketing aspects of the business, while Nick would oversee the operations. On August 17, 2006, Kwik Kar Wash & Detail opened on West Edgewood in Jefferson City. Hard work has resulted in growing the business into three Kwik Kar locations in central Missouri and employing over ninety team members today. Mike and Nick plan to continue growing the business with additional car wash locations in the near future.

Nick DeSimone

Nick DeSimone, Kwik Kar, Missouri

Mike Burbank

Mike Burbank, Kwik Kar, Missouri

Quality Matters

Product quality and service quality go hand-in-hand, and we believe in offering both. Kwik Kar invests in state-of-the-art equipment and quality chemicals to ensure customers drive away with the cleanest car possible. Our employees complement our quality equipment with top-of-the-line service. We believe in, and deliver quick, easy & professional service. Every time.

Customers are everything to us. Customers not only keep our doors open, but they are our friends, neighbors, family and fellow community members. Whether it’s getting an oil change and car wash at the Kwik Kar in Osage Beach, a full detail at Kwik Kar Wash & Detail on West Edgewood in Jefferson City or a wash with FREE self-serve vacuums at Kwik Kar Express on Missouri Boulevard, the owners, managers and staff ensure you receive an outstanding customer experience.

We have great people and great programs in place. We feel a part of the communities we serve and the entire staff is proud to financially support many schools and causes and give time to non-profits and community events.

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